Copper Bullet Perfect Home Bundle

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Style: Copper Bullet

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About Copper Bullet Perfect Home Bundle

• (2) 50FT Hoses
• (1) Hose Splitter
• (2) FREE Nozzles

Ever wish you could water different parts of your home at the same time without the hassle? Well, introducing our Pocket Hose splitter! It's like magic for your spigot, letting you connect two hoses at once. Now you can water one area while your trusty sidekick takes care of another. But wait, there's more! Our Perfect Home Bundle has got your back with not one, but two amazing 50’ Pocket Hoses Copper Bullets and two Copper Bullet Thumb Drive 10-Pattern Sprayers all paired up with our nifty splitter for the ultimate convenience. It's not just about making life easier; it's about saving you some serious cash too! So, why settle for one when you can have the Perfect Home Bundle? Upgrade your watering game today!

What makes Pocket Hose #1?

3X Stronger, Anti-Burst Outside
3 Layers of High-Strength Latex
Easy On/Off Valve
Infused with Real Copper
Connections Protected by A.P.T. 

Contracts for Easy Storage

Kink Free Under Pressure

Lead Free For Peace of Mind

"I never get tired of watching my Pocket Hose grow! It's the only hose I use at my home because it's lightweight, yet so tough."

— Richard Karn, Home Improvement Expert


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