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Pocket Hose | Silver Bullet Elbow Connector

Pocket Hose | Silver Bullet Elbow Connector

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Looking for an ideal garden hose accessory? The Pocket Hose Copper Bullet Elbow Connector is the perfect fit for any standard faucet with an easy-to-install design for NH ¾” connections. With its 46° angle, you'll experience a smoother, effortless hose connection and extend the life of your hose. This lead-free connector is infused with copper, making it safe for drinking water. Its rubber washers ensure a watertight seal to avoid leaks and promote a healthier garden. This durable connector is built to withstand tough conditions and last for many seasons. Please note that it's designed for use with Pocket Hose Copper Bullet but also works with other hoses. One elbow connector is included, and the Pocket Hose Copper Bullet is sold separately.

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