The #1 Expanding Hose In The World

Watering Made Easy

A rubber garden hose is such a pain in the...grass. You have to wrestle with that old beast, and sadly it always wins. Leaving you soaked and filthy!

Now watering is made easy with the lightweight, kink-free Pocket Hose. Just turn on the water and watch it grow from pocket size to full size in seconds, so you can tackle watering the lawn, washing the car or cleaning the patio, all with ease!

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About Copper Bullet

  • 3X Stronger, Anti-Burst Outer Sleeve
  • 3 Layers Of Ultra Strength Latex Tubing
  • Extra-Strength, Triple Polymer Connector Protector
  • Easy On/Off Valve
  • Infused With Real Copper & Lead-Free

What makes Pocket Hose #1?

3X Stronger, Anti-Burst Outside
3 Layers of High-Strength Latex
Easy On/Off Valve
Infused with Real Copper
Connections Protected by A.P.T. 

Contracts for Easy Storage

Kink Free Under Pressure

Lead Free For Peace of Mind

“I just love watching my Pocket Hose in action! The way it expands, and contracts is mesmerizing. It’s my go-to at home because it’s super light, yet crazy tough!”

— Richard Karn, Home Improvement Expert

4.8 Star Reviews

Works great

Great pressure and very light weight. You can change the nozzle to your own if you choose to.

Compact but packs a punch

You wouldn’t believe this expands to 50 ft by looking at it. So much more convenient than a regular garden hose. The nozzle provides a really powerful spray. It is very lightweight and easy to carry around.

Good Water Hose

This water hose is great quality. It’s well made and the craftsmanship is really nice. It looks great and it’s easy to set up and use.


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